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Drive-in worship service

Dear Church Family,

We will be gathering each Sunday for “Drive-In Worship”. Thanks for following all the protocols; thanks for your joyful participation!

Please read the information below carefully and completely. As the week unfolds please check the website ( to stay abreast of any further instructions and possible inclement weather instructions or cancellation. We thank Clay Snyder and Ed Schlote for use of the Snyder-Rodman parking lot, FM capacity, and amplifier. This funeral home is sacred space for many of us. Similar to our sanctuary, this is a place of blessed memories where we have often gathered to witness to our faith as we give God thanks for  loved ones. As we gather in the parking lot Sunday we will be surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, a communion of saints, as we worship God and celebrate being together.  


Ohio public health advisory color coding system

In the new color coding system put in place by the Ohio Department of Health, Delaware county is at level 2 (orange). If Delaware county were to be move to level 3 (red) by the Saturday night before a service, the drive-in service for the following day will be cancelled and a Zoom invite will be sent to members via email. View color coding system

Every Sunday in September

Snyder Rodman Funeral Home
101 Valleyside Dr
Delaware, OH 43015


So that you have a parking space, please RSVP to   immediately, if possible, but no later than noon Friday, the week before a service.

Only those who live in your household, or are in your “bubble”, should be  in your car. Once in the lot, no one leaves your car.

Please, if you are not feeling well, for your safety, and for everyone else, please do not attend. The service will be recorded and posted for those unable to attend in person.


  • Communion elements for your coarload
  • Your offering
  • Donations of disinfectant wipes/spray (99.9% effective)
  • A FESTIVE SPIRIT — In Drive-In Worship your car horn is your Amen and Alleluia!!


  1. There will be ushers in the lot to help you find an appropriate place to park. Enter in the north entry of the lot. The only people out of their cars will be ushers and those leading the service. 
  2. Once you are in your parking place, tune your radio to 88.3FM to hear Pastor Julie. You will be approximately 9 feet from other cars. As you arrive you are welcome to greet your neighbors with a smile and a wave. Or a honk! You may wish to leave your car running for radio use, and for air conditioning if needed. Each participant will need to decide to leave your car running during the service or to use accessory power.
  3. Music will not be performed through your radio.  You can lower your passenger side window to hear and participate (any hymn or song lyrics will be emailed to you so that you can read them on your phone and sing along) If singing along, please sing softly.
  4. When your window is open please wear your mask. 
  5. We will celebrate communion together – be sure to have your chosen elements with you to join in the sacrament. 
  6. The service will last about 30 minutes. For health reasons bathrooms will not be available. Plan accordingly. If you need to leave for any reason you may do so. 
  7. After the service is completed follow the ushers instructions to exit from the parking lot via the south exit.
  8. There will be an opportunity to give your offering as you leave the parking lot. We also invite you to bring disinfectant wipes and/or disinfectant spray to donate for use at church. There will be a tub at the exit for these donations.
  9. In the color coding system put in place by the Ohio Department of Health, Delaware county is at level 2 (orange). If Delaware county were to be moved to level 3 (red) by the Saturday night before a service, the drive-in service the following day will be cancelled, and a Zoom invite will be sent to members via email.