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A special ministry whose dream began and was carried to fruition through the efforts of many William Street members, the Free Store was, and has always been, dedicated to reaching out to our neighbors and making a difference! Many Delaware religious and community entities joined forces and helped make the dream a reality. Common Ground Free Store Ministries is a partnership between Delaware churches, businesses, civic organizations and caring citizens who believe that God’s mercy doesn’t come with a price tag. It is a warm and welcoming store run by volunteers where everything is available to everyone free of charge—from clothing, shoes diapers and linens, to small appliances, books and toys. There are no income requirements, no questions and no scrutiny—only the support of people who care. Everyone is on common ground.

Common Ground Free Store Ministries welcomes all to join in this important outreach.

William Street has committed to providing volunteers on the third Saturday of each month.
Please consider being a part of this outreach opportunity. Working side by side with members of our church family blesses us as we bless others. Please consider joining us in making a difference through this wonderful outreach. You may sign up in the narthex or see or contact Bonnie Ristau – 740-972-4059,

On the odd months of the year, our goal is:

  • To provide 6 volunteers to serve from 1-3:00pm. 
  • *During those hours, after the shoppers have left, the jobs we may be asked to do are: sorting and organizing donations, re-stocking the shelves/rack, tidying up the shopper areas, cleaning the store – and making Common Ground “sparkle” and look welcoming for our neighbors who will come to shop.

On the even months, we are committed​ to:​​

  • Providing 6 people for the store hours, 10-1 (Please arrive at 9​:30 to allow time to receive your job and any training you may need.) Jobs that are available during these hours are: greeter, check-in, hospitality (serving food and drinks), gatekeeper, check-out and sorter (receiving and sorting donations).
  • During the 9:30-1:00 store hours, when our shoppers visit the store, we may be asked to help by welcoming our neighbors, checking them in, serving them a meal, checking out, or receiving, sorting and hanging donations. It is an amazing opportunity to be the hands and feet of God, sharing our time and love with those who come to shop.